The idea of Joe's Bread was born during a trip to Chaiyi City, Taiwan. There was something magical about the food. The cooking was simple. In fact most of the chefs had no formal training. The seasoning was simpler still; I often couldn't taste it at all. The beauty was in the ingredients. Most food came directly from nearby farmers, who would set up stands at crowded indoor and outdoor markets.

What impressed me was not just the quality. The prices were all low, both compared to local incomes in Chiayi and compared to the US. And the many healthy options were still fast and convenient. The more I explored, the more I wondered what we were missing.

Joe's Bread is my way of answering that question. My vision is to combine artisanal baking and quality ingredients with the simple convenience and honest pricing I experienced abroad.

Joe's Breads

All our breads are handmade in small batches using organic flour from The Mill at Janie's Farm in Ashkum, Illinois. All breads use natural leaven, while a few special styles use a mixed natural and yeasted approach. All products use whole wheat, which combined with natural leaven and a bit of patience, produce a better tasting loaf.

Joe's Pastries

Our pastries feature incredible texture, diverse flavors, and traditional creativity bundled into a small package. As much as they rely on rich ingredients, pastries also rely on quality and natural ingredients to produce the best flavor possible.